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Best VPN service: What to look for when choosing a provider

Get the best VPN for all your internet and security needs.

Best VPN service

Pick the VPN software with the best features for you

A good VPN will protect your internet connection and give you complete control over the content you want to see. But it’s important to choose the best VPN service—one that gives you all the features and internet security you need.

Pick the VPN software with the best features for you
ExpressVPNClosest competitorMost free VPNs
Reliable serviceExpressVPN has 99.9% uptime
Won’t let hackers hijack trafficExpressVPN stops third parties getting your data
Hides your IP addressHide your IP in under two minutes with ExpressVPN
Encrypts your trafficExpressVPN uses best-in-class encryption
Easy to change locationsEasily switch between ExpressVPN’s 160 locations
24-hour live chat supportReach a real person at ExpressVPN to get help

Top features to look for when choosing the best VPN service

Red “no” symbol over a folder containing connection logs and activity logs.

No activity logs, no connection logs

A VPN provider should be first and foremost a privacy company. A good VPN service will protect your privacy to the fullest and be transparent about its policies toward logging.

ExpressVPN takes its position as a privacy and security company extremely seriously and will never log a user’s internet traffic. What you do online is your own business, and no one has the right to snoop on you.

Globe showing VPN server locations.

Great selection of VPN locations

The best VPN services will come with plentiful server locations, giving you more freedom and control over your internet connection. A VPN connection allows you to access your favorite websites and social media accounts securely, even while traveling.

ExpressVPN has 160 server locations in 94 countries and comes with unlimited bandwidth and server switches by default, letting you connect with peace of mind from anywhere in the world.

Flaming speedometer with a secure lock.

Blistering speed

If you want to be secure and private while you stream online videos, you’ll need a robust and speedy VPN connection.

ExpressVPN constantly optimizes the network to provide unparalleled speed, so you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows in high definition with minimal buffering.

To ensure the quickest and best connection for all your devices, ExpressVPN supports a range of protocols, including OpenVPN (with UDP or TCP), L2TP/IPsec, and IKEv2. In addition to such standard protocols, ExpressVPN has also developed Lightway. Give Lightway a try and see how it can make your VPN experience even faster. Find out more.

Internet Emergency Shut Off button.

Kill switch

A VPN kill switch stops all traffic from entering or leaving your device if you are disconnected from the VPN.

ExpressVPN Network Lock will cut all internet traffic immediately if your connection is suddenly stopped. This will prevent your network and all your traffic from being exposed to prying eyes.

Encrypt your connection: Computer screen with red ExpressVPN padlock.

The strongest encryption

There is no point having a VPN unless it can properly encrypt and secure your internet connection.

Don’t let people spy on you, whether they’re governments, corporations, or Wi-Fi snoops. ExpressVPN software wraps all your internet traffic in a 256-bit encrypted tunnel to protect you from attackers.

Green shields with checkmarks on an assortment of devices.

Security on all your devices

The days of one shared desktop computer for the family are long gone. These days everyone has a handful of devices that continually connect to the internet. Whether it’s your Android, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or router, you should expect all your devices to be covered by your VPN.

ExpressVPN has apps for all your devices so you can surf freely and privately wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. The ExpressVPN app can be installed on unlimited devices and used on up to five concurrently.

Bitcoin logo: ExpressVPN accepts all major payments, including Bitcoin and PayPal.

Secure payment options

Internet security starts before you connect to your VPN. Choosing a credible and trustworthy company will ensure your payment details are not compromised.

ExpressVPN accepts all globally recognized payment options, ensuring you can pay how you want with peace of mind. For the privacy conscious, ExpressVPN also accepts anonymous Bitcoin payments.

ExpressVPN is committed to protecting your privacy.

Trusted by tech experts

ExpressVPN has been helping internet users browse safely and privately since 2009. Over the years, we’ve won the trust of customers and tech reviewers, many of whom rank ExpressVPN the world’s best VPN.

Independent audit professionals from PwC also exhaustively examined our code and interviewed our team members in order to confirm whether our VPN servers were in compliance with our privacy policy, including our policy of not collecting activity logs or connection logs. Learn more here.

Magnifying glass centered over ExpressVPN: Choose the best VPN provider with the best features.

What you’ll get from the best VPN provider

A virtual private network (VPN) is a versatile web tool that can enhance your privacy, circumvent censorship, and unleash the full power of the internet. But not all VPNs are equal.

Make sure you choose a VPN service that delivers the features and performance you need, every time you connect, on all of your devices.

While most VPNs will offer some benefit, the best VPN providers will satisfy all your demands, whether you’re a casual browser or a power user.

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